Familiar Comp #0001

Selected Works of 12 Artists (with capital letters, of course) who have gone through “El establo” and “Intr:Muros” in the first two editions of Familiar Fest.

The publication is a birthday present (yeah!) as Family turned 1 year!
Hopefully the beginning of a long series of titles and serve as a tribute to those who have kindly collaborated with Familiar.

It has been a very complete selection. From fine lo-fi noise, ambient through the most elegant or crude improvisation. Something for everyone, come on!


01. Smëgg – Pantallas
02. Lautaro – N song
03. 3 Mendigos – Une Collectione particuliere
04. El Excremento Fashion – Largo ciclo de Kondratiev
05. Snail – Mr. Hiroshi
06. Pak zero – Sweat and heartstrokes
07. Ralp – Lieliut
08. Sidboy – Deadly fun
09. The CRRRRR!!! – Reyes de la era zombie
10. Lautstärke – Miedo
11. DREIBLER – Red Forest II
12. frank boyant – Tu espíritu

All songs are under Creative Commons License.
Cover by Enrique Carnicero