From Lowtoy we proposed to make a 8bit – Circuit Bending music compilation with the common denominator of being only Argentine artists.

Living in Argentina is not mandatory, of course! The idea is to release it via Lowtoy as a compilation, under a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 3.0 license.

The title of the compilation is currently “Argenchip” which is subject to change!
The organization and creative supervision will be curated by Lautaro, with the help of Pavlo Coleco Music.

Ideally, tracks that are unpublished. A requirement is that they are made in 8bit platforms (fakebit not allowed), same goes for circuit bending aswell.
Send the track in WAV, don’t make a super-long track since we’ll be a lot of artists sharing minutes in the compilation (use common sense!). Along with a single link and a very brief description of the track.

Questions, suggestions, complaints to:
lau7aro AT gmail DOT com / AT gmail DOT com

Deadline: end of November!

EDIT: The compilation is over! Thanks to everyone who got involved. We’ll be releasing it on Lowtoy soon!