Crocanti Live!

Crocanti is a project by Martí Guillem Císcar, based on the research of sounds in electronic devices, toys, and retro stuff, developing personal interfaces with the art of circuit bending, which are his own way of playing music, based on noises, randomness and live-performance.

Most of the elements are recycled or reused and also some d.i.y. instruments are often used, mixing them to generate a concrete audiovisual experience.

(Click to download from Internet Archive)
Pulsa un botón (press a button) Live recorded in Plutón cc Valencia 2011.

“Pulsa un botón” is the last composition of Crocanti, mixing structure and improvisation, control and kaos, noises and low-fi sounds.
It´s possible to understand what’s happening and where the sounds came from. By using non totally controlled devices, to play music becomes a live experience.

An experience across childhood, electricity, nature, retro-game, industrial aestetic, naif, absurdity, etc…using, bugs, errors and failures of the system as main concept of creation.

This piece is elaborated by playing non often used instruments:

Stylophon beat box mod
Chorus pedal mod
Casio sampler mod
“Nino”Baby toy mod
Toy laptop mod
Benjolin synth

See also the session in Youtube: