Lowcycle #6

Square wave lovers in Barcelona: It’s our lucky day!

A new stage begins in Lowtoy, with a new website, new contents and much more music. And to celebrate it, nothing better than a Lowcycle at Miscelanea. This will be a more national-oriented date, and we have a mixed and odd team lining up for it.

LOWCYCLE #6 – 29/03/2014

Schedule: 20:30 – 23:00
Price: 4€ (3€ Members)

Music by Meneo
Video by Entter

Ochocinco will set up the night with live electronic music, with IDM and post-rock as main influences. This young lad from Mallorca now living in Barcelona (formerly from the band “Her Only Presence”) will be on stage with just a Game Boy and a rhythm box from the nineties to get the party started.

Without a rest or a break, Zaiux will take on, visiting us from Madrid. This artist produces 8bit music with Game Boys and an Atari ST, and his style is proactive, energetic and cool. Zaiux, in addition, comes with a new release: Extruder Vol.1, as a part of his upcoming trilogy named Extruder, which will be released via Lowtoy Net Label.

Pixelated and colorful visuals will be displayed by our loved Ascii_Bit, a solid reference in Barcelona’s scene, who will be VJing for Ochocinco and Zaiux.

And we have a special surprise for the closing act! We have the pleasure to introduce (again) the man with the golden buttocks, the one with over one thousand (tasty) battles behind, the one who can turn the dancefloor from warm to hot (and wet)… ladies and gentlemen: MENEO!

Will be supported in visuals, like in the old days, by the almighty Entter, with his personal epileptic and pixelated style that carried himself on tour through several cities around the world.

We are really glad to have them back with us, and together they will be the perfect ending for a happy night of reencounter.

8 Bit rules, and a lot! There we go!