Lowcycle #1

We are proud to announce the first official date in Lowcycle. starting the BIG way with BIG names.

LOWCYCLE #1 – 19/10/2012
20:30 – 23:00
4€ (3€ Members)

Music: China Toy
Video: Ascii_Bit

Neuroflip will start the night assaulting the venue with his commodore Amiga. Commanded with AHX soft and his twisted break beats. Aorante will take care of the visuals for this set, also with a Commodore Amiga.

Snail will follow with his powerful neo-rave sounds. Of course not leaving apart his retrogaming flavour and making the stage ready for our special guest of the night.

From Karelia (Rusia) China Toy will show us how powerful Russian 8-bit scene is, presenting his new reference in Lowtoy. Fresh, sticky and changing rhythms out of his Game Boy to maximize fun! Ascii_Bit will join him with his cool-pixel style.

After the shows, Lowtoy Djs will be selecting chiptunes in MISCELANEA Bar to wrap up a Lo-Fi night!

A very special night not to be missed!

8 Bit & Circuit Bending 4 all!!