Lowcycle #4

Lowcycle is back for 2013 early season!

LOWCYCLE #4 – 16/02/2013

20:30 – 23:00
4€ (3€ Members)

Video ASCII_bit
Music by Nordloef “Buddy Holly (weezerd)”

We are back, but now with one event every two months, with a bunch of top quality international and national artists for your pleasure, as usual! After five very successful editions, we all need more!

To start the night properly, Degon (member of Distortled Box) takes the stage with his strong and energetic set with Game Boy.

Catalonian chiptuner 4DBoy will follow with his Game Boy set. A powerful set that will show us a hint of his upcoming new album. Stay tuned for this artist!

Device studio will take care of Visual set for these two artists. This is one of the trendiest studios in Barcelona at the moment, and will shock us all with an animated GIF show. Beauty and craziness put together.

Had enough? So, get ready because one of the world’s most important 8 Bit artist is coming to close this night: Nordloef!
Nordloef’s live shows are best described as a mixture between a one-man punk show and a sweaty DJ set. But instead of using two turntables, he uses two original Game Boys.
After playing in the most important festivals, as part of his european tour, he will be playing for the first time in town!

One of the most active Vj in Barcelona chip-scene and good friend of us will share stage with Norloef: Ascii_Bit.
This is not the first time we have the chance to enjoy his visual set in Lowcycle and we are sure the mix of these two artists will be just AWESOME!

As usual, to end the night we will enjoy a few drinks in Miscelanea bar before getting back to Barcelona winter night!

See you there!!!