Lowtoy workshop in BCN

19 – 20 February 2011

Circuit Bending and 8 Bit Workshops at a weekend in Barcelona! Taught by Ralp, Lautaro, Snail and Manu Retamero.
Advance registration at: lowtoy@lowtoy.com.

Sat February 19
11 to 19hs – Circuit Bending Workshop.
15 to 18hrs – 8 Bit Workshop in another room (you can do both).
21hs – 8 Bit Music Live.

Sun February 20
11 to 20hs – Circuit Bending Workshop.

Although there are tools, it is preferable to bring your own equipment to make it more dynamic. Important to bring welder, pliers, wire stripper, cutter, screwdrivers, etc.
The Workshops are intended both for people with expertise in electronics and for those who do not. 

Circuit Bending Workshop:
In this workshop we will learn the rudiments of circuit modification to alter its operation at will. 
Two-day workshop to gear! Brief introduction of theoretical and bending toys.
Includes all materials necessary to modify your toy or Casio keyboard!
IMPORTANT: Each carry toy or pileup to change! (Note, not all electronic toys are used to apply circuit bending, ask us!). If you have any toys, send an email for more details lowtoy@lowtoy.com! 

Circuit Bending Workshop Price: 60 € (2 days).
Pitch Bend Mod Kit for Game Boy: 15 €. 

8 Bit Workshop:
Intensive workshop in the afternoon, there will be a journey through the world of musical creation with outdated systems with 8 Bit processors (aka 8 Bit, aka Chiptune) by focusing on the Game Boy for its portability, possibilities and sex appeal and more specifically in LSDJ, Nanoloop, and Trippy-H. Visual Glitch with Segas and Nintendos.
Attendees must bring your Game Boy. Preferably the GB DMG (the first that was released), also Pocket, Color, Light or Advance, but not the SP or Micro why not have audio output.
Highly combinable with the workshop of Circuit Bending and make a Pitch Bend Mod to the Game Boy or a Pro Sound Mod.
8 bit Workshop price: 30 €.
USB 64MB Game Boy cartridge: 45 € (will be taught to load the program lsdj from a PC and perform backups) previously purchased LSDJ software for $ 2.

Location: Freedonia.
Address: Street Lleialtat 6 (Raval Metro Paralel and Sant Antoni).