Arduinoboy Shield

Arduinoboy shield DIY kit by Familiar. Build yourself an easy and clean solution to control your gameboy via MIDI.

Thanks to Trash80´s development you can use your Game Boy as a standalone synth, or sync LSDJ and Nanoloop via MIDI.

As bonuses these boards have a double input to control TWO gameboys. This can be achived with this program for the Arduino, developed (and currently being improved) by Luis Gonzalez aka Hadesbox.
Also features this fix by Nitro2k01 to improve performance when powered by the Gameboy.

This shield allows you to do all needed connections easily. You just need some soldering, an Arduino board and a GB link cable. Available as a DIY kit or assembled.

Remember that all credit for Arduinoboy goes to Trash80. And code hacking for two Game Boys was made by Hadesbox. Familiar just developed the shield PCB and Lowtoy bring it to you!

Download CAD file HERE if you want to build it yourself, and assembly instructions HERE.

Files Coming soon

Arduino board and Game Boy Link cable not included!


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