After some years spent in several bands as a guitar and bass player, I started to have my early experimentations through the use of analog pedal effects applied on the bass guitar, creating a style mostly based on a certain kind of “noise” sound.
At the same time I began to develop a defined interest to the electronic music. During 2003 I approached to the Techno music and had chance to perform in some rave parties. It was the decisive factor who brought me to evolve my personal project with the electronic music, going from hardcore to a more electro sound.
Some years later, around 2006, I took a new way for my project, passing on ambient-noise sonorities with the intent of mixing the musical forms I had been experiencing until then.
In the late months of 2007 I bought my first Gameboy LSDJ card and gave birth to my Micromusic project.
Between 2007 and 2012 I took part in many 8 Bit parties in Europe and in 2007 became a member of the italian collective MicromusicRome HQ.

Nowadays I’m still working on the research of a new 8 Bit / Micromusic sound, trying to mix it up with more modern kind of compositions, presenting more variety in the employment of several instruments and less of game console’s typical sonorities.

  • Buskerdroid