CHINA TOY – Low is…



Searching for the sound, working fingers to the bone against the buttons and tormenting the ears of the audience with a bleep, I didn’t notice how a year flew by. Exploration of the north has led to the change of cities and the environment. 6 significant episodes are now permanently stored in the subconsciousness and will be interpreted by the inner voice in different ways, but the basic meaning is still unchangeable: sooner or later all of the opposites come into interaction complementing each other. Just as the low frequency + melody, white noise + rhythm, on the shore of the mediterranean sea is where the LOW energy of the chip-maker from the north of Russia is born.

Artwork: China Toy
Release date: 25/11/2012


1. Lo-Chi
2. ABC
3. Variouse TEC
4. Good Bay
5. Burn in Hostel
6. Low is…



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