CHINA TOY – Waiting Indicators



Once, flooding some forum, this kinda guy, stumbled upon a post about an 8 Bit music composition kit for sale. After brief tests (inside an old Lada, by the way) and some second thoughts, the deal was made. For rubles!!!
Having enslaved our classic friend triangle consisting of me (Nintendo Game Boy), LSDJ Software and a GB Transfer, he gave way to his fantasies. I was opened and operated on with a solder! A thick layer of dust pressed the poor trans to the table, and he rarely shows sings of life,
blinking with his diod-eye. And only the LSDJ mounts an assault after assault, slowly reaching our main goal formatting his intracranial space.
The confrontation is nite resolving, the comprehension that we are no more than toys in somebody hands does not leave us, weird moaning for all its worth and beseeching Buddha and you are dancing to that.

Artwork: China Toy
Release date: 11/07/2011


1. Waiting Indicators
2. Citymarket
3. Vizin Drops
4. Outgoing
5. Fax 2 U
6. Outgoing 2
7. EO
8. Mad Moto
9. 99%



MP3 format (320 Kbps).
Size: 56.7 MB


Released under a Creative Commons license (BY-NC-ND 3.0).

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