LA LOCA DE HOJALATA – Amigo, Prendamos Un Fuego



In this EP we let ourselves to be drawn by the wild circuit of fire, by the musical paraphernalia. We didn’t tame the monster, we sharpened the fangs to show him more eloquent and voracious, the amateur teen fear, the vision of our asleep generation, a toothless epic on a edible pop dissecting table. We started to fail possessed by the fun and we blush before our heroes (or anti heroes) asking them what to answer when we ask: What would it be to something real?

This way we share the radiation of our good vibes, six sonorous murders to write a petition to the cosmos in this new ice age. Friend, let start a fire!

Artwork: La Loca De Hojalata
Release date: 28/01/2013


1. Eres Como Dejar La Heroína Por El Nesquick
2. Circuito Silvestre Del Fuego
3. Cuanto Más Debo Esperar?
4. Su Cuello Era Un Martillo Perforado
5. Abrazado Al Fuego (Viejo Atari Con Un Destornillador Incrustado)
6. Juras Que No Es Una Moda



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Released under a Creative Commons license (BY-NC-ND 3.0).

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