LAUTARO – Leftraru



Ext night – Indefinite place


Back to the roots.

Feels like anything can happen; a deafening silence swamps it all.

Ruined cities, twisted buildings stand still. Static can be felt in the air, the atmosphere feels oppressive. Suddenly, dark colored pixel dotted lights appear from everywhere along with reverberations creating an arrhythmic synchronicity. 

Light fades, taking away the sight of a ruined car by a street lamp.

Before the eyes and ears can recover, a thundering sound coming from the earth bursts in, speeding up, accelerating and cluttering all the pixel dotted lights for a moment.
Another sound of thunder changes everything again, and then another one. After the last tremor, everything comes back to order and continues its initial rhythm. An old surveillance camera is still recording, following me…

I run, becoming agile and fast. Another strange and calm noise is coming closer; it´s light gets under my skin and dazes my senses… I close my eyes.

Recorded at Barcelona in 2009 – 2010 with Gameboys (LSDJ, Nanoloop 1.3, trippy h), Speak & Spell, fire-rag, minifono, theremin, thai sweet melody (circuit bending), cassettes loops, xilofon. Cover (image & data bending): Lautaro.

Artwork: Lautaro
Release date: 10/02/2011


1. Three
2. Cloname
3. Inaccurate
4. Teléfono Mi Casa 

5. Brisas Magnéticas
6. Inappropriate
7. Dalí Sensa Gala 

8. Speak VS. Spell 



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Released under a Creative Commons license (BY-NC-ND 3.0).

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