Lautaro is the solo project of Lautaro Zabala, Argentinean living in Barcelona since 2001. Experimenter and improviser, self-taught follower of DIY culture and self-production. Publishes albums under Creative Commons license.

Their music is driven by storytelling and images through sound, creating their own universe of textures and atmospheres loaded, playing with the experiment, the randomness and error as a partner, always looking for a personal language.

An individual journey of sensations, climates and environments that seeks to leave an imprint on the listener.

For his compositions and lives, Lautaro experiment with the circuit and 8 Bit as channels of his work. Use Game Boys, modified devices or homemade (Speak & Spell, sequencers, synths, toys …), combining them with walkie-tokis, Nintendo ds, iPhone, music box, bells, etc..

In recent years he has participated in several events and festivals (both music and giving workshops on circuit bending) in different cities of Spain, Medellin and Buenos Aires. He edited his records in net labels as 49 Mannekinow (Poland), Superbutton (USA), Lowtoy (Spain), A.M.P.-RECS (México).

Lautaro is a member of Lautstärke and SubAtak, both groups of 8 Bit music, home-made devices, and modified by circuit bending.
It is also part of the collective MicroBCN and Semillamedia, and label founder Lowtoy which is based in Barcelona.

“Kaos as part of an equilibrium”

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