Neurobit is an experimental artist working on an improvisational basis. The man behind the project is Bas Welling, also known for previous works under the monikers Former Descent & Rioteer and remix works for artists like Maurizio Bianchi, Ra-X and Deathmaker.

The Neurobit sound consists of soundscapes, drones, pulses and noises based on the idea of a live situation. The sound is based on minimal suites made using 4bit, 8bit, & LCD console sounds, sounding at times experimental or ambient.
In the past Neurobit already released his works on labels like Enfant Terrible, Alphacut Records, Marasm, Retinascan, True Chip Till Death, TIBProd & R.O.N.F.

Neurobit played at various festivals, art spaces and concert nights including Bloodnok Tour Russia/Lithuania 2008, Valkhof Affaire Festival Nijmegen 2008. Gogbot Festival 2009, Trashpop Norway 2010, Mediamatic Amsterdam 2011, GBM New York City 2012 & Radio Resistencia 2012.

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