Tokyo Apartments


“Retro-console dusty 80s with modified motherboards, backlit screens, Nintendo cassettes with rudimentary sequencer that synthesize the white noise like old TV picture tube, a musical background that ranges of all kinds, the passion of the old video games, the sweet sound of the ignition Gameboy, the wickedness of the square waves launched at 180 bpm, the sweat, the jumps, tight muscles, the lack of oxygen in the masks that smell of industrial paints. After months of testing, the failed attempts and small home wins, we are ready to insert the alkaline batteries and lead to saturation of our small processors up to make you regret having thrown in a corner of your basement these electronic gizmos for money! We perform on stages and roads with our new marching band project, making music with the Gameboy but: beware, if you expect the sweet little music of Super Mario you are wrong and not a little! Press start: Tokyo Apartments.”

  • Tokyo Apartments