YES!! The new WEB is here!!

After a long time of hard work, a brand new Lowtoy is finally here!
It´s been some intense months filled with projects, but after loads of work, we are proud to release our new website!
New contents, a new navigation system, updated sections and a new responsive web design for your tablet, phone, whatever! And of course, new music and new events!
Eventhough it’s still in beta status and we’ll be polishing details in the coming days, we are officially back, and ready to go, so get cover!

What’s new?
-A new member has arrived to join the Lowtoy Crew, Víctor AKA Love Through Cannibalism. Get ready for tons of glitch art, articles and geek material.
-Now you can download our releases in both WAV and MP3 format, so you can choose a better, lossless quality for your music!
-New items on our shop, and some others that will be available soon.
-A refreshed LAB section where, as a blog, you’ll find miscellaneous info, news, videos, tutorials, and the most interesting things related to the chiptune and DIY electronic music scenes.
We have a huge and assorted list of top quality releases ready to go. Those offline months didn’t decreased our new artists research. And we are proud and grateful that we have received so many demos, even in our weakest hours. Thanks a lot, guys and girls!

To get started, we have TWO (2!!) new releases from Italy, 8bit and circuit bending for your ears.
Kenobit splashes us with his Gameboy and his happy and dancey melodies. A great album from one of the most active artists from the italian scene.
And from the circuit bending side we get a really smooth release by Tekno Love Songs, crafted in the middle of the sea, with the cadence of the sea waves setting the rhythm of a circuit bent toy piano.

And to keep up with the level, an event is coming back to the city. A new edition of our Lowcycle!
March 29th at Miscelanea (BCN), the chiptune comes back, square waves and highly emotional low fidelity!
We’ll have OCHOCINCO, Zaiux, and Meneo! Plus Ascii_Bit and Entter throwing some mad visuals.

And many more to come. Stay tunned!! Very busy months are on the way, so keep track of the brand new Lowtoy!
With love and passion, as usual

Lowtoy Crew