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Great Argentine 8 Bit and Circuit Bending compilation!
This is the first LowToy´s call and double album! A powerful and diverse 8 Bit album and another special Circuit Bending album in the same release. Twenty-nine music projects, thirty-one tracks, most of them unedited, more than two hours of Argentine artists´ scattered in and outside the country.

With a colourful styles’s variety, created from Game Boy, Nintendo NES, sand Commodore 64 (transformed into an Elektron Sidstation) and diverse analogue and electronic DIY instruments, like Speak & Spell and home made oscillators and synthesizers, Monotron, Stylophone, modded toys and keyboards, amongst others.

This is Lautaro’s personal project inside Lowtoy, with the intention to reunite, put forth and boost the actual Argentinian music panorama, with the special collaboration of Coleco music and the great help mastering of CHIP LAB Studio. The whole process has been open and collaborative since its beginning.

Chipar is also a new verb, that alludes a practice that includes the re-appropriation of unused technologies, modification of market’s sound artefacts, the construction of instruments, the open code spirit and the development of music programming interfaces (trackers).

Artists included in this compilation:
2bam / 2Nerd / Cartridge Musik / Char Pointer / Cokeandaspirin / Coleco Music / Delek / Dos Aparatos / Epiref / Fiend / Get Out River / Grosgoroth / Jeremy Flagelo / Juan Linietsky / j.crowe / Lautaro / Lechubit / Los Pat Moritas / Los Sabios Duendes / Maia Koenig / Matias Brunacci / Munshkr / Norman Bates / Pnkrbt / Random Select / Rrayen / Sonografo / Super Guachin / Two Games One Boy


1. Two Games One Boy – Turco y Su Tacho Fantastico
2. Munshkr – Sidewlk
3. Cokeandaspirin – Tits and Shadows
4. Get Out River – Nice!
5. Random Select – Velada
6. Cartridge Musik – SID a SONG
7. Delek. – Just One Day
8. Juan Linietsky – El Pingüino Roberto
9. Char Pointer – Picard
10. Lautaro – No por Ahora
11. 2Nerd – Safari
12. Jeremy Flagelo – r3dobl3s
13. Rrayen – Domo
14. 2Bam – Wavey
15. Pnkrbt – 02579
16. Super Guachin – La Caravana
17. Los Pat Moritas – Cumbia Cienaguera
18. Lechubit – 1 Mundial
19. Grosgoroth – Ya tengo lo que es el papel
20. Coleco Music – ADD is the culture

Chip.ar 8 Bit

Starting on a playful aesthetics, the artists united on this album prove the hidden potential on the limitations of the disused tecnologic artifacts . From the raw analogic sound to the nice armonies of the square waves, through the intrincated cadence, catchy tunes, agressive modulations of saw waves and tracks that beg you to dance.
We believe this aesthetic cornucopia represents the actual picture of argentinian 8bit scene.


1. Lautaro – Karm
2. Sonografo – (-.+)
3. Epiref – Tincaso
4. Dos Aparatos – Salí Dulce
5. Matias Brunacci – Live Set @ Ciclo Ruido Secreto
6. J. Crowe – Arroyo Grande
7. Los Sabios Duendes – Loop que me hiciste mal y sin embargo te quiero
8. Maia Koenig – Amor, Sex, Triangle Flower Heart
9. Norman Bates – Mirandashuli
10. Fiend – Magnolias
11. 2Bam – Vicalcth Coda

Chip.ar Circuit Bending

Static groves directed to the general stir, little electric mantra articulated in grotesque and chaotic moments. Minimalist passages transformed in an unraveled sound spectrum where electricity itself seems to be about to electrocute us.
Te artists included on this compiled album remember to make us dance, and to use their whole altered-devices arsenal to create beautiful songs.

Listening to two albums in streaming here:
Chip.ar 8bit
Chip.ar Circuit Bending

Artwork: LxTxCx
Mastering: CHIP LAB Studio
Ascii: Pavlo Coleco
Release date: 15/05/2014


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Size: 303.5 MB

WAV WAV format (16 Bit 44.1 Khz).
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Released under a Creative Commons license (BY-NC-ND 3.0).